The WestMARC Knee Guide for the Prosthetic MDT

The WestMARC Knee Guide for the Prosthetic MDT is now published and freely available from ‘The Knowledge Network’

The website also has links to manufacturer’s training videos and other related resources/organisations.  The guide is intended to assist the prosthetic multidisciplinary in prescribing and training patients to use prosthetic knee joints.
It is the second and expanded edition of the ‘Physiotherapist’s Guide to Prosthetic Knees’ published by Scottish Physiotherapy Amputee Research Group (SPARG) in 2007. Information on normal gait and prosthetic knees has been updated and more information on microprocessor technology has been included.
It has been written by NHS clinicians who use these products on a daily basis and who have no commercial interest in their prescription. It is not an evidence based guideline but it is formed from clinical staffs’ expert opinion. All the information supplied about each knee joint has been checked and approved by the appropriate manufacturer and is up to date at time of publishing.