SPARG 2010 report

This is the 18th Annual Report of data collected from lower limb amputees in Scotland by the Scottish Physiotherapy Amputee Research Group (SPARG). All major amputations carried out in 2010 are included, that is ankle disarticulation (A.D.), trans-tibial (T.T.), knee disarticulation (K.D.), trans-femoral (T.F.), hip disarticulation (H.D.), and trans-pelvic. Patients having partial foot amputations and amputation of the toes are excluded.

Once again, the national data are broadly consistent with these from previous years; significant changes and trends of note are reported in this summary. Where possible, comparisons are given in the body of the report for at least the 5 years 2005-2010.

This publication is a valuable tool for benchmarking services.

The 2011 report will soon be available , its publication supported by BACPAR.