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Membership categories

The membership categories are:

1.       Full Membership is open to any Physiotherapist. Physiotherapists in the UK must also be members of CSP in order for us to maintain our Chartered title, and of the HCPC. Therapists working outside the UK must be registered with the appropriate governing body of the country in which they are working (should one be in place).

Full membership is also open to individuals in Therapy Support Roles who have a significant part of their workload associated with amputees.  Therapy Support workers do not need to be members of the CSP although this is encouraged. They will receive full membership at a reduced rate. 

Full Membership Fee = £35.00 

Reduced fee for individuals in Therapy Support Roles = £15.00

2.      Departmental Membership is available to any physiotherapy department and may have full BACPAR membership status. This allows 2 relevant team members to attend as delegates (this can include other members of the MDT, but ideally at least one delegate should be a physiotherapist) at membership rates but allows only one vote at the AGM.

Departmental Membership Fee = £55.00

3.      Allied Associate Membershipis available (at the discretion of the National Executive Committee) to;

a) other Healthcare Professionals and Academics. All such members will have membership of a health or professional body or association as appropriate to their role.

b) any  pre-registration student of physiotherapy and will pay an reduced fee.

Allied Associate Members may vote at the BACPAR AGM and can hold certain seats on the executive committee at the discretion of the Executive.

Allied Associate Membership Fee = £35.00

Reduced fee for Student Allied Associate Members = £10.00 

All members will receive online access to two journals a year and be able to attend national and regional BACPAR events at reduced membership rates. Printed journals can be requested via the joining form if preferred.

If you have any questions regarding this please email Lynsey Matthews at

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